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Engineered for Quality

Engineered for energy efficiency and high R-value, every cover we make combines two heat seals and high-density foam inserts to keep the warmth inside while the weather stays out. All our spa covers are tapered to shrug off water and sealed in 4-mil polyethylene to prevent moisture absorption.

The strength of your spa cover is very important, especially if you have small children or large pets, or live in an extreme climate. For your peace of mind, all King Spa Covers models are manufactured to meet or exceed the rigorous standards of the ASTM.

We offer 3 different thicknesses of spa covers, the thicker the cover, the stronger & more energy efficient it is.

Insulfoam Cores

Our covers feature closed-cell aquatic grade virgin EPS insulating cores with better R-value and moisture resistance with the highest strength and insulation available. Insulfoam's EPS insulation offers high-density, superior performance and environmental safety for virtually any residential or commercial spa cover. 

Offering superior buoyancy per cubic foot, increased resistance to water penetration and punctures, Insulfoam's spa cover foam are the highest quality available.

Marine Vinyl
hot tub spa cover reinforced straps

Our top marine grade vinyl vinyl is rated for UV 1500 hours and stays flexible to -20 C. It is available in sixteen different colors to match your spa and decor.

Our premium quality spa covers feature:

  • Premium grade vinyl
  • Reinforced center hinge
  • Reinforced tie down straps
  • Reinforced handles
  • Heavy duty bottom liner
  • Commercial grade zipper
  • Double layer skirt
  • Marine grade moisture barrier

Our 30 oz. marine-grade vinyl is manufactured with mildew inhibitors and special plasticizers to help keep it supple. It is the top grade vinyl available. Four reinforced tie down straps with latches, and stainless mounting screws are provided for maximim durabilbiy and heat retention.

Choose the right cover weight for your spa and lifestyle.

Light Duty spa covers are suitable for homes with small pets and no small children in mild climates or indoors.

Standard Duty spa covers are our most popular spa cover. Standard duty spa covers are suitable for most applications in mild or moderate climates, with small pets and no small children.

If you live in a very hot or cold climate, or if you have small children or larger pets, the Heavy Duty spa cover is the ideal solution.

For heavy use or in very warm climates, you can choose to upgrade your spa cover with a double wrapped core. For very cold climates, you can upgrade to a double insullated hinge. These options are available at checkout.

Light Duty

light duty hot tub spa cover
4” to 2.5” taper
1.0 lb. foam
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Suitable for homes with small pets and without small children in mild climates.

Standard Duty

standard duty hot tub spa cover
5”to 2.5” taper,


Suitable for most spas in in mild or moderate climates, with small pets and small children.

Heavy Duty

heavy duty hot tub spa cover

6” to 3” taper
1.0 lb. foam Order Now!


Suitable for homes with small children, large pets or in very hot or cold climates.

How to Measure Your Spa CoverEasy Spa Cover Measurement and Ordering. We have the easiest ordering process in the business. To make it easy to get your spa just right, we have a printable worksheet and matching order form so you can get your order perfect with no worries. Just print our Worksheet "How to Measure Your Spa" to get started.

King Spa Covers are proudly crafted in the USA